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Own suggestions

Apart from the suggestions you find below you are welcome to suggest your own topic. Please note that your suggestions should align with the institute's research profile.

Possible topics are:

  • Sustainable and efficient urban development - the role of densitie values, land use management, etc.
  • Opportunities and barriers for the integration of transport and urban development
  • Coordination and planning of affordable housing for socially disadvantaged households and refugees - challenges for regional coordination
  • Assessment and management of planned housing areas
  • New approaches and visions for open space development
  • Concepts of regional planning and their impact on regional and global trends (demographic change, climate change, urbanization, ...) on spatial development

Possible topics are:

  • Extreme weather events in Baden-Württemberg and management options in urban and regional planning
  • Implementation of the flood risk management directive in Germany
  • Risk and vulnerability mitigation – International Case Studies
  • Heat stress and open space conservation – current conflicts and challenges

Possible topics are:

  • Stuttgart 21 – Planning process and current challenges
  • International construction exhibitions and their importance for regional planning – IBA Emscherpark and Planning IBA Stuttgart
  • Impacts of regional train extensions in the planning region of Stuttgart and other German regions

Possible topics are:

  • Development of Environmental Impact Assessments – approaches in local planning practice
  • Participatory planning processes and mediation in the context of conflicting interests in infrastructure development
  • Spatial Planning: contracts and procedures

Possible topics are:

  • Impacts of regional and global change (climate change, demographic change, urbanization, new technologies, etc.) on critical infrastructures and their users
  • Integration of climate change aspects in the interactions between climate change and critical infrastructure in spatial planning - instruments of spatial planning
  • Assessment of spatial planning and environmental impact assessment procedures for critical infrastructure
  • Assessment of bundling regulations in linear infrastructure systems from a spatial planning perspective
  • Resilience of critical infrastructure in extreme weather events – Case Studies
  • Critical infrastructure and their importance in regional and urban land use planning
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